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construction fence

A construction fence is a type of temporary fencing that can be easily transported between worksites. It’s very important to enclose a construction site from the beginning to the end of any project. Here’s why.

1. It keeps the public safe

The main reason to use construction fencing is to keep passers-by safe. Construction sites are dangerous. The ground may have ruts and holes and the site is likely to be laden with potential hazards such as heavy machinery, sharp tools and materials and toxic chemicals. Construction fences keep out curious children, misbehaving teens, stray cats, wild animals, pedestrians seeking a shortcut and other unauthorized people.


2. It deters thieves

Often, construction site equipment and materials get left in the open for days on end. A construction fence is your first line of defence against theft. In particular, it prevents people from driving vehicles onto the site during the night to load and steal materials.


Fences can be customized in terms of material and height so that they provide more robust protection. Additionally, there’s the option of using privacy slats to keep people from seeing inside the construction site. Most cases of theft are crimes of opportunity. If would-be thieves don’t know what’s behind the fence, they probably won’t risk trespassing to find out.


3. It may be legally required

Construction fences are required by law on most worksites. Additionally, building permits from the City of Red Deer have strict requirements concerning construction fences. These regulations come from the Alberta Building Code and the Safety Codes Act and include details about fence height and placement.


Working with a professional fencing company helps ensure that you don’t run afoul of these regulations and run into delays or fines as a result.


4. It’s cost-effective

Construction fences are not only very affordable, but they’re also entirely reusable. As they’re easily transportable, you can move them from one worksite to the next with minimal hassle. They can be quickly dismantled, easily carried, efficiently stored and rapidly put up again at a new site. Additionally, they can be reconfigured as your fencing needs change. In light of the benefits construction fences offer, they’re well worth the investment. Just be sure to choose a quality product that will last you through numerous projects.


Robust construction fences in Red Deer

If you need a strong, affordable construction fence for your worksite in Red Deer, turn to the experienced team at Q & Q Fencing. We offer top-quality fencing products and professional installation services. Contact us for a consultation and free estimate.

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