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Construction Fencing

Durable Construction Fencing in Red Deer

Installing a barrier around your construction site not only thwarts trespassers but also protects the public from hazards in the area. Construction fences are the preferred choice for enclosing worksites since they’re cost effective and highly transportable. Plus, construction fences are easy to install, take down, transport and reinstall elsewhere. They’re especially ideal for use among companies and commercial contractors who continuously move from project to project.

At Q & Q Fencing, we carry and install durable, top-quality construction fences. Get in touch with us if you need a custom fence for your worksite, event space or custom project.

A Legal Requirement for Most Worksites in Alberta

Construction fences are legally required at most worksites, and building permits issued from The City of Red Deer include strict fencing requirements. These regulations are drawn from the Alberta Building Code and the Safety Codes Act and dictate fence height, placement and other considerations.

Regardless of the legal requirements involved, construction fencing is needed in order to keep the public safe. This is because construction sites are dangerous places, with uneven ground, ruts, holes, heavy machinery, sharp objects, toxic chemicals and various other hazards. Construction fences keep the public safe by keeping out curious children, stray pets, wild animals, pedestrians looking for shortcuts and everyone else who doesn’t belong on the worksite.

Additionally, construction fences help deter thieves. This is useful because construction sites tend to have materials and equipment that get left out in the open. While a construction fence won’t offer a high-security solution, it’s your first line of defence and can effectively discourage would-be burglars.

We Provide and Install Construction Fencing in Red Deer

For a durable fence customized to meet your individual project needs, trust the team at Q & Q Fencing. Our experienced installers will ensure that your fencing meets the industry standards and is fit for its intended purpose. Contact us today for a free estimate or to learn more about your options. We are located in Red Deer, but also proudly serve communities throughout Central Alberta.

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