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If you want to improve the security of your commercial or industrial property, privacy is an important consideration. To help you optimize the safety of your employees and assets, Q&Q Fencing offers high-quality chain link fences that can be easily outfitted with durable vinyl slats to provide your complex with complete or partial privacy.


Reasons to install a privacy fence

A chain link fence is a durable, affordable and low-maintenance fencing solution if you want to secure your business or industrial facility. Here are just a few reasons you should consider upgrading your fence with horizontal or vertical privacy slats.


● To conceal the inner workings of your business. A privacy fence shields your company’s various facilities from the prying eyes of competitors and potential thieves. Plus, a sleek black vinyl-coated fence can boost your property’s curb appeal by blocking warehouses and other unattractive buildings from view.


● To create a secluded space for employees. A privacy fence can be used to conceal a busy street or nearby factories, thereby offering your employees an outdoor area where they can relax and enjoy their lunch break. This is a simple way to boost morale and productivity.


● To improve the security of your property. A privacy fence will act as a deterrent to would-be intruders by making it impossible to assess the layout and security system of your facility beforehand. Plus, a chain link fence is harder to scale when it’s outfitted with vinyl slats.


Additionally, when you choose to purchase a privacy fence from Q&Q Fencing, you’ll benefit from the reliable installation services provided by our team of experienced fence builders.


Privacy fencing for construction sites

In addition to our fencing solutions for commercial and industrial properties, Q&Q Fencing specializes in fences for construction sites. A chain link fence outfitted with privacy slats is an essential security feature for construction sites where equipment and materials are often left unattended overnight. Additionally, an opaque fence hides outside distractions that could hinder the safety and productivity of workers.


Opt for an automated privacy gate

Since a fence is only as secure as its point of entry, our team of fence installers also offers heavy-duty cantilever gates. Our products can be upgraded with vinyl privacy slats and an automated access control system to suit the needs of your business.


Contact a fence company you can count on

For more than 40 years, the professional fence contractors at Q&Q Fencing have provided custom fencing solutions for commercial and industrial clients in Red Deer and surrounding communities in central Alberta. We offer chain link and ornamental fences, heavy-duty cantilever gates and reliable installation services to ensure your property is secure. For more information about our products, or to request a free estimate, contact us today.



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If you want to add some colour and style, Q & Q Fencing also sells vinyl coated chain link fence in Red Deer for installation throughout Central Alberta. Vinyl coatings come in many styles and sizes and are available in black, green, white & brown.

Call us for information and a free estimate for your galvanized or vinyl coated chain link fence in Red Deer.

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