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Privacy Fence

Fencing can provide you and your family with privacy when you want to spend time in your yard. Here are the pros and cons of the three types of fences.


Wood fence

Wood is a classic choice and can provide partial or full privacy, depending on the size of the gap between the boards. Wood is a strong material and wood fences are generally attractive, but they do have their drawbacks.


First and foremost, wood fences are the most expensive type of fence to install. They also require far more upkeep than other fencing options. They need to be washed on a regular basis and repainted every few years. Wood fences also have a shorter lifespan than other fence types and are prone to wood root, insect infestations and warping.


Vinyl fence

Vinyl or PVC fences usually provide full privacy. Vinyl fences are manufactured to mimic the look of wood fences but present several advantages over them: they don’t fade or peel, they’re easier to clean and maintain and they last longer. However, many homeowners find vinyl fencing to be less appealing than wood fencing.


Chain link fence

A chain link fence can be fitted with privacy slats or privacy inserts to provide partial or full privacy. An advantage of privacy slats is that they can be customized to offer the precise level of privacy you want. Moreover, compared with the other fence types, you get a greater amount of light penetration in relation to the level of privacy. This is because chain link fences with privacy slats use a large number of thin slats that obscure viewing while leaving plenty of gaps for sunlight.


Privacy slats are available in a range of colours and patterns. Both the privacy slats and the chain link fencing that supports them are highly durable, rust-resistant and easy to maintain. In addition, chain link fences with privacy slats tend to be the most affordable fencing option available.


So what’s the downside? Some homeowners favour the more classic appearance of a wood fence.


Experienced Fencing Contractors in Red Deer County

At Q & Q Fencing, we offer galvanized and vinyl coated chain link fences with privacy slats customized to meet your fencing needs in Red Deer. We provide high quality fencing products as well as superior installation. Contact us for more information or for a free estimate.


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