Metal driveway gate

How to Maintain Metal Driveway Gates

If you have a metal driveway gate, there are steps you can take to make sure it functions properly, especially during the winter. Whether it's an automatic residential gate or commercial cantilever gate, do the following to keep it looking and working like new. 

Regularly Clean and Inspect Your Gate

Cleaning your gate and its parts is one of the things you can do to make sure gears, rollers and tracks work smoothly. Every two to three months, clean the gate's components by removing all debris, dead leaves and insects. You should also regularly check for rust and corrosion, and determine if the tracks are bent or dented. If so, you'll need a professional to come and repair it. Use glass cleaner and a microfibre cloth to make your metal gates sparkle.

Keep Your Gate’s Components Greased

Manual and automatic metal gates have many moving parts. It's important that you keep them well lubricated. The best lubricant to use is white lithium grease, which is available at most hardware stores. Don't use water displacement products (such as WD-40) as they suck out moisture. Here are the parts you need to keep greased:

  • Hinges: Ensure the pin is well lubricated. Often hinges have a special hole to spray or apply the grease.
  • Tracks, Wheels, Gears and Chains: First, remove the old grease, which is bound to be full of dirt and debris. After, apply the grease and make sure everything is covered using a cloth.
  • Hydraulics: Apply lithium grease to the shiny, metal tube that sticks out of your gate. Open and close the gate to grease the entire steel shaft.


Regularly Inspect the Electronics

If you have an automatic gate, open up the control box and look inside. Check the wires. Are they frayed, or are there connections that seem to be coming loose? If so, it's best to call a professional to handle the electronics. 

Additionally, these boxes create perfect living conditions for insects. To get rid of cobwebs and other debris without touching or damaging the wiring, use a can of compressed air to blow everything out.

Professional Gate Inspections in Western Canada

Every six months (check your owner's manual), you should get your gate's hydraulic pressure tested by a reputable gate installation company. Lynx Brand Fencing has been installing, maintaining and repairing gates in Calgary, Spruce Grove and Kelowna since 1993. Contact us today to book a service call or get a quote on a new installation.