Chain link panels at construction site in red deer

Determining Which Type of Construction Fencing You Need

Selecting the right type of fencing for your construction site is crucial.

While every job is different, most site operators need to protect expensive equipment, respect environmental regulations and keep workers and members of the public safe. We’ve put together a breakdown of the main types of fencing used on construction sites to help you determine which one is right for you!

Chain link fence

This type of fence is very common, and provides many advantages when it comes to protecting a construction site. To begin with, it’s inexpensive, thereby making it economical to fence off an entire worksite. Also, they’re durable, ensuring that they’ll last as long as you need them to. Another benefit is that they’re easy to repair if a section gets damaged. Furthermore, chain link comes in a variety of options, making it easy to adapt based on your needs. Finally, the possibility of adding windscreen to chain link allows for increased privacy, which is important if expensive equipment is stored on-site.

Chain link panels

Offering most of the advantages of chain link fencing, chain link panels boast enhanced flexibility and ease of installation. This is because instead of needing to unroll chain link and fix it to posts that must be inserted in holes dug in the ground, panels are free-standing. This is useful if digging holes for fence posts isn’t an option. They’re also much easier to move around, making them a great choice when different areas of the construction site need to be fenced off depending on the day.


Choose Your Local Construction Fencing Experts

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