chain-link security fencing

6 reasons chain-link is a good choice for security fencing

Fencing can help keep your business secure. If you’re ready to invest in protecting your property, there are many options available. However, dollar-for-dollar, you aren’t going to beat a professionally installed chain-link fence. Here are some reasons why this type of fencing is best for securing your commercial or industrial property.


1. It’s affordable

Chain-link is the most cost-effective type of security fencing available. Its strength and durability also lead to cost-savings in the long run.


2. It’s easy to install

To build a chain-link fence, all that’s needed is the appropriate amount of wire fencing for the panelling, steel tubes for the rails and posts, and hinges and latches for the gates. These materials are easy to transport and assemble. Professional fencing crews can erect a chain-link fence in no time. Even difficult angles and odd perimeter shapes aren’t a problem.


3. It’s easy to maintain

Galvanized chain-link fencing is durable and resists rust. Plus, very little upkeep is required. All that’s needed is the occasional wash down with a hose. Unlike other fence types, chain-link requires next to no time or money to maintain.


4. It’s easy to repair

Chain-link is very durable. However, if this type of fencing gets damaged, repairs are also inexpensive and easy to complete. Damaged or vandalized pieces can simply be cut out and replaced with a new section wire fencing.


5. It’s easy to integrate

Chain link is versatile. It can be fabricated at any height and width and coaxed around odd-shaped structures Plus, integrating security upgrades such as CCTV camera systems, automatic gates, barbed wire and motion-sensor lighting systems is extremely simple.


6. It enhances visibility

Solid fences may be useful for increasing privacy and minimizing noise, but they also give trespassers and thieves a place to hide. Chain-link fences are see-through and therefore provide better security.


7. Best security specifications for your chain-link fence

A wire thickness of nine-gauge is best as it’s difficult and time-consuming to cut through. A height of at least six feet will deter people from climbing.


8. Chain-link fence installations in Alberta and British Columbia

When it comes to installing a chain-link fence for your commercial or industrial property, trust the expert technicians at Q&Q Fencing. We have the experience and equipment to get the job done right. Contact us today to get a free estimate on your chain-link fence project in Red Deer and surrounding areas.