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5 DIY fence installation mistakes

Building a fence is harder than it sounds. Several things can and often do go wrong when trying to install one on your own. This can lead to the need for expensive repairs or even a complete replacement. Here are some of the major mistakes DIY fence builders commonly make.



1. Neglecting zoning bylaws

Some mistakes happen before you even begin. Have you checked your local zoning bylaws? There may be restrictions as to what type of fence you can build, where you can build it and how high it can be. Breaking these bylaws may mean you’ll have to tear down your fence.


2. Disregarding property boundaries

Your property lines may not be where you think they are. Before putting up a fence you need to get a professional property assessment, so you know exactly where your property ends, and your neighbour’s property begins. This way you will not build a fence on property that does not belong to you.


3. Overlooking the grading

Proper fence building requires accounting for even slight changes in grade. Otherwise, your fence may be crooked and consequently unstable.


4. Using the wrong materials

Another common mistake is using the wrong materials and not enough of the right materials.

For example, holes for fence posts must be dug two to four feet deep and filled with quick-drying concrete. You’ll need a lot of it, up to 160 pounds for an average yard.


Wooden posts need to be treated before they’re set. Untreated wooden posts will quickly rot, and it will not take long before your fence requires expensive repairs.


5. Forgetting to consider the gates

Gates have many moving parts and mechanisms. A poorly installed gate can impact the stability of the entire fence. Fence installation is even more complex if you have automatic gates on your property.


Installing a fence is a major renovation that can impact the value of your property. In most cases, fencing is best left to a professional who’s familiar with zoning bylaws and the many practices used to erect a structurally sound fence.


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