Replace chain link fence

4 Signs That It’s Time to Replace Your Chain Link Fence

Installing a chain link fence is an inexpensive way to protect your home, business or commercial property. Though you can expect a new chain link fence to last up to 20 years, all fencing needs to be replaced eventually. Here are some signs that your fence is due for an upgrade.

  1. There’s Visible Damage

Check your chain link fence for visible damage, rust and holes. Not only is damaged and worn fencing unpleasant to look at, but it can also put your property at risk. Animals such as dogs and raccoons can get through the holes. Moreover, human intruders can also easily get onto your property when fencing is compromised.

Vinyl-coated fencing needs to be replaced when the vinyl begins to peel or chip. It means the chain link material will soon start rusting.

2. There Are Bent or Broken Posts

One broken or damaged post can weaken the entire fence structure. If the chain link is sagging, it’s a sure sign you have a damaged post. A chain link fence needs to be taut to work properly. If it isn’t, your fence won’t provide the protection you need.

3. Your Fence is “Fraying”

Another sign your chain link fencing needs to be replaced is something called fraying. This is when the fencing begins separating from the posts and the chain link material pulls apart at the top.

4. The Gate Doesn’t Work

If your gate doesn’t close or open properly, it may not be the gate’s fault. A fence needs to be taut to ensure the accompanying gate fits and functions properly. Gate problems are often remedied by fixing the surrounding fence.

Repair or Replace?

One big advantage of installing a chain link fence is that light damage is easy and inexpensive to repair. However, depending on the type and amount of damage to your fence, the cost of repairing it could actually be more than the cost of replacing it. The best way to determine what you should do is to get your fence assessed by a professional.

Fence Replacement and Repair in Western Canada

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